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Crit is appreciated! Thanks!
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Name: Professor C
Are you over 16?: Yes
Personal DW: [personal profile] accipiter
Timezone: CST
Other contact: xsleeplessdragon@AIM
Characters already in the game: None
How did you find us?: Used to be in the game.

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- Large balcony.
- Low table with cushions and fruit and a fancy tea set.
- Desk with books and notes and star charts.
- Corkboard above desk has a picture of Luna, drawn by Kirby. Plus any pictures drawn by Nine.
- Neat pile of board games on an otherwise filled bookshelf. (from Valentine's plot. There's totally Monopony in there.)
- Filly's vampony cape, hung on a hook. (from baby plot)
- Giant stuffed ursa minor. (from carnival)
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Why the Everfree Forest has its own weather, animals that don't need taking care of, etc. Why the freaking trees need ponies to run the autumn leaves off.

Ponies take care of the land and the plants/animals come to depend on the ponies sooner or later. Things are probably more 'natural' in places like where the buffalo and the zebra live - they don't seem to have wings to affect the weather. Unless you want an explanation for buffalo wings.

Winter Wrap Up

Ponies don't actually affect the tilt of the Earth towards the Sun - or, at the very least, normal ponies don't. Instead, they clear the skies, shovel, and defrost things in order to make sure the land quickly gets the full benefit of more sunlight. This could definitely have agricultural benefits - longer growing season, predictable weather. Bringing back the birds and waking the hibernating animals probably got included as the animals came to depend on the ponies.


Dragons who find themselves alone (i.e. without any other dragons to compete with) will experience an incredible growth spurt. This is advantageous to the dragon because this would allow the dragon to seize this territory while there are no other competitors in the area. Dragons raised in a group or with adult(s) will grow in a more conventional way to avoid the situation where you suddenly have twenty adult dragons in the same place fighting for the same territory. This could be regulated by pheromones/hormones. The reasons why these group-raised dragons don't immediately leave and go through the magical growth spurt would most likely be related to the protection and the food provided by the adults.

Adults seem to be usually solitary, while migration seems to be an exception. Perhaps for mating or raising of young?

Shining Armor/Cadance

She was probably out of Canterlot during the wedding. Royal business? Whatever it was, it...probably means that she doesn't care for either of them enough to cancel the business and attend the wedding. So, a professional sort of relationship with the captain of the guard and. She probably didn't know Cadance existed before the wedding. My excuse here is that Luna met Blueblood and then decided to avoid meeting the rest of the extended royal family.

...Extended royal family.

There are probably quite a few of them, however distantly related they are to Celestia and Luna. Word of God says Blueblood is their nephew 52 times removed from their mother's side so...I'd venture a guess and say that they kept the titles (prince, princess) as a way to make them seem closer to Celestia but it would not connote that any/all of them would have wings and a horn. Of course, they could also be descended from the unicorn royalty and decided to keep their titles for vanity/to seem closer to Celestia.

Either way, alicorns are probably pretty rare. And...probably aren't as long-lived as Celestia and Luna. Otherwise marrying Shining Armor is gonna end pretty badly. Though the angst would be fun to watch from afar.
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1. That really is an 8 foot candy cane.
2. 8 feet in Equestria = 8 feet in real life
3. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are the same height.
4. The Mane Six are the same height.

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Fillies like the CMC:
Hoof to hip: 1'3"
Hoof to ear: 2'7"

Mares like the Mane Six:
Hoof to hip: 2'5"
Hoof to ear: 4'11"

Hoof to hip: 3'3"
Hoof to ear: 6'4"
Hoof to horn: 7'3"

Hoof to hip: 4'5"
Hoof to ear: 7'3"
Hoof to horn: 8'6"

Stallions like Big Macintosh:
Hoof to hip: 3'0"
Hoof to ear: 5'1"

Feet to head: 2'6"
Feet to top of spike: 3'0"



I think they've all just got big heads.

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